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Radial Wavefunction of a Hydrogen Atom

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Gibson T. Maglasang and John Paul Aseniero In this article, we outlined the necessary steps in calculating the radial wavefunctions [eq]R_{nl}[/eq] for the Hydrogen atom. Thus, the radial wavefunctions particularly [eq]R_{30 [/eq], [eq]R_{31 [/eq] and [eq]R_{32 [/eq] are easily obtained  without bothering to normalize it. We use the formula below to find the wavefunction, [eq]R_{nl}=\frac{1}{r}\rho^{l+1}e^{-\rho}\nu(\rho),[/eq] […]

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Finding the Expectation value for the ground state of a Hydrogen atom

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

John Paul Aseniero and Gibson T. Maglasang For the particle in the state [eq]\Psi[/eq], the expectation value of x is expressed as [eq]\langle x\rangle = \int_{-\infty}^{+\infty}x|\Psi(x,t)|^2dx[/eq] where the expectation value is the average of repeated measurements on an ensemble of identically prepared systems. In this article, we would like to find [eq]\langle r\rangle[/eq], [eq]\langle r^2\rangle[/eq], […]

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Addition of Spin Angular Momentum

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Eric Alcantara, Carlo Paul Morente and Gibson T. Maglasang If you have two particles of spin [eq]S_1[/eq] and [eq]S_2[/eq]. Let [eq]\bf{S}[/eq] be the combined spin of the particles. You can get values of [eq]\bf{S}[/eq] from [eq](S_1+S_2)[/eq] down to [eq](S_1-S_2)[/eq]: [eq]\bf{S} =(S_1+S_2), (S_1+S_2-1), (S_1+S_2-2),\cdot\cdot\cdot(S_1-S_2)[/eq]                (1) We can get then […]

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