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For a Deeper Understanding and Appreciation of our Physical World

In June 2008, for the first time in the southern Philippines the biggest group of more than a dozen and a half graduate students studying quantum mechanics was ever assembled. Never mind that the Philippines was discovered by Magellan in the year 1521. Anyway, quantum mechanics was only formulated in 1926; relatively quite recent.

Quantum science in the Philippines is a kind of commercial venture of consumer items. But here in this site, we will try to convey our understanding and appreciation (and maybe frustrations!) of the world of quantum physics. We want to engage in this lively and engaging conversation because we can trace its roots back to more than 2000 years ago. Then as now people were concerned about the fundamental nature of matter or how the physical world came to be and where it is going.

Being here in the southern Philippines circa 2008 affords a unique opportunity in our physics and other studies in many ways that were not given to our predecessors!

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  1. Jeff Johnson Says:

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  2. Alviu Rey Says:

    Have read this article the second time around, and I found it very profound and interesting. The flow of thought and the organization of the ideas and information are good. It’s a nice article.

  3. Ancelie Says:

    Being a physics enthusiast and having read this article, i realized that Filipinos are beginning to appreciate and understand the world of physics as exhibited in the large number of graduate students enrolling in this sophisticated endangered field. It is hoped that with the creation of this site, this number of lovers of physics would grow more in number that would cause a real change in our society and to our country as well.

  4. neal Says:

    This is so cool!

  5. Jason Khaw Says:

    Interesting. I never heard of a group here in the Philippines serious enough to discuss Quantum Physics. This is good news. I am a computer science graduate student interested in Quantum Computing. I hope we could start some discussion and eventually could come up with a paper.

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