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Addition of Spin Angular Momentum

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Eric Alcantara, Carlo Paul Morente and Gibson T. Maglasang If you have two particles of spin [eq]S_1[/eq] and [eq]S_2[/eq]. Let [eq]\bf{S}[/eq] be the combined spin of the particles. You can get values of [eq]\bf{S}[/eq] from [eq](S_1+S_2)[/eq] down to [eq](S_1-S_2)[/eq]: [eq]\bf{S} =(S_1+S_2), (S_1+S_2-1), (S_1+S_2-2),\cdot\cdot\cdot(S_1-S_2)[/eq]                (1) We can get then […]

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Addition of Angular Momenta

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Sandra Manulat and Michael Jabines Consider two spin 3/2 particles at the ground state. Suppose that their total spin is 2 with its z-component equal to zero. If you measure [eq]J_z[/eq] on the second particle, what values would you get and the probabilities of measuring such? In order to answer the problem, we first need […]

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Quantum Mechanics in Three Dimension: Angular Momentum and Probabilities

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Hananish Joy Odarve and Edmar Pantohan In this article, we want to show that given the state occupied by an electron in a hydrogen atom, one can measure the operators [eq]L^2[/eq] , [eq]S^2[/eq] , [eq]L_z[/eq], [eq]S_z[/eq], [eq]J^2[/eq] and [eq]J_z[/eq] and its corresponding probabilities. Lets look at an example to get a clearer picture of these […]

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Quantum Mechanics in Three-Dimensions: The Radial Equation

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Hananish Joy G. Odarve and Majvell Kay G. Odarve The wavefunction, or quantum state, is a complete description that can be given into a physical system. The Schrodinger equation can describe how the wavefunction changes as time propagates. A particle state, for example, can be determined by solving the Schrodinger equation. Since the potential of […]

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